Who, Why, What?


Who am I?

I am a common Indian man (no connection with Kejru’s AAP). My English is not that great, so experience some cool grammar issues! 

Why this Blog?

There is a writer inside me since childhood (this is my claim, I don’t have any documentary evidence). In recent past, I read Chetan Bhagat and Amish Tripathi and mere under ka writer jag utha…

What to expect from this Blog?

I like Anil Kapoor, so I thought I will write JAKKAS stuff. Later on I realized that I end up writing something else, so I changed the JAKKAS spelling to JackAss. I am going to write on each and every subject whether it sensible or not. I will write everything which relates me and my thoughts about India. These will be my personal views only, those who like it, please continue reading it and those who don’t also please continue reading it. Period.